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Inner Circle Private Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook group that is for Inner Circle members only! Bring your questions, suggestions, or just talk to other coaches IC members and have some fun!

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Automatic Body Monthly Newsletter

Get one month's access to Automatic Body Monthly Newsletter where we provide an in-depth look at new trends in the health and fitness world and how you can apply them to your every day life.

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Recipe Club

Do you hate thinking up new ideas? Let us do that for you! We will send you five new delicious and healthy recipes per month to keep things fresh and exciting!

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Video Club

Each month we will shoot a brand new workout video that focuses on “whats hot” in the fitness world. These videos will show you how to burn fat and build muscle from the comfort of your own home! Let’s keep you excited and moving!

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Automatic Body Certified Coach

Dramatically increase your results with one of our Certified Coaches. They’ve been through the program just like you. They will walk you through the website and phone app, help you set and hit goals, and navigate past the difficult times. These coaches are the backbone of our biggest success stories.

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Inner Circle Club

Join the Inner Circle and get access to all of our digital products, special offers, and VIP treatment for one low price.

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30 Day Eating Plan

This comprehensive eating plan will walk you through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and works together with the Automatic Body program and app. It is ideal for those of you who hate thinking about “what to make” for meals.


30 Day Challenge

Join us on our challenge as we focus on everything from your core muscles to your refrigerator in this 30-day sprint. Four Weeks. Sixteen video modules. Prizes for weight lost.